How will Juventus line up with Cristiano..

How will the Serie A kings line up in attack next season? Well, that depends. The team has used a 4-2-3-1 formation in previous years, but aiming to maximize the talent could signal some changes.

Playing  Ronaldo and the Argentina youngster up top seems like the best plan, with Ronaldo as the No. 9 and Dybala likely tucked right behind or behind and to the side as a secondary striker. You’ve got speed and unbelievable technical ability in both, and it would result in tons of diagonal runs in the box and chances to shoot at the top of the box from the midfield.

Neither player is a pure striker, though Ronaldo is turning into one as he nears the final years of his career. They are the two best players Juve has in attack. There is also the possibility of Dybala playing on the wing as well but staying high.

Higuain  could start with Dybala and Ronaldo could play more of a central attacking midfield position that would allow him to swap positions in-match with Dybala, but what is most likely is Ronaldo and Dybala on the wings with Ronaldo. This would be a loaded lineup.

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