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How Do We Provide Betting Help & Assistance?

Call this your sports betting help 101 room as will tour you to different betting types you may find interesting at. With over a decade in the industry, we’re truly experienced in dealing with the betting market as well familiarizing the fluctuations of betting trades in order to get the most competitive odds as possible. We not just take away your money instantly but we’ll give you the fighting chance to maximize your potential winning profit. Of course, you will not go into battle without having the weapons and bullets. That’s why we’re here. To assist you with everything you need.

Our sports betting help section isn’t just a normal “how to” page as it provides the most up-to-date betting piece of advice, articles & clever tips in order for you to advance to the next level. We not just prioritize pro bettors here but we focus our attention to beginners who are really serious with their interests. We not just based our articles with any written sports consensus. Instead, we have acquired betting experts to write our articles with the best possible ways they can. Most importantly, we have dedicated personnel to assist you in case you have problems with our system via our live chat.

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There is no other way to be included in our database but through signing up. (Check out our signup page here). Once you’ve done, congratulations you are now a certified player. But of course, you can’t cast bets unless you deposit that amount you are willing to wager out. And because you choose us as your betting buddy, we’re offering bonuses and rewards and you can check them out via our promotions section. Take your time choosing bonuses, cashbacks and rewards. Who knows? You can be the next player to win money-can’t-buy prizes during raffles.

How Dafabet Live Sports Betting Works

Many sportsbooks today just can’t seem to provide live betting perhaps because of the lack of resources and capability to adopt the technology. Here at Dafabet, we have acquired the latest innovation to provide 5,000 different sporting events from different countries covering our target market Asia and United Kingdom. These live events include soccer, basketball, tennis, formula one, boxing an a lot more. As Euro 2016 just around the corner, you are pretty sure to see some live actions and play by play scene via our user platform.

Live sports betting is also referred to as “in-play” or “in-game” due to the concept that players are actively wagering to an event while it is still happening. However, there are rules that need to be followed such as you cannot cast bet after the kickoff in a soccer match until half time unless the bookmaker offers some kind of reversal bet.

Good thing with “in-play” betting is that it doesn’t only cover outright bet since the sporting events are divided into portions – halftime and full time. In this way, the loss bets can still be revived during the half time. Bookmakers are giving way bet options that are somehow in favor to players. For example: Everton – Sunderland match. Let’s say Sunderland is the favorite at the very start of the match. Everton scores in the halftime. Therefore Everton steals the momentum and has the winning chance. During the other half, Sunderland odds goes higher and Everton decreases. By the moment, Sunderland scores 1 goal in the second half, the match becomes crucial and the odds become very competitive.

Is Props Betting A Smart Choice?

Most of the time, sportsbooks are doing well with the so-called prop betting. As the name suggests, prop betting is a type of bet driven by public interest and perception. Perhaps, you’ve already seen betting lines driven by sharp spiels such as Will Ronaldo score more than 2 goals vs Germany? Or Will Kevin Durant score more than 32 points vs Golden State? Well, that’s unusual from the traditional betting lines like outright, moneyline and over under betting isn’t it?

Props bet are also regarded as surebets since they cover individuals, players or stats rather than the team. On the other hand, bettors gain the advantage in this type of bet since they can go in-depth analyzing the past stats pertaining to a particular entity such as players and teams. However, the only disadvantage of this bet is that sportsbooks sometimes set the over/under bet type to the highest level of which winning is truly far to achieve.

Odds board & Point Spread Betting

In the event that this is your first time to join the betting community, you may somewhat wonder what the numbers and symbols mean and how do they matter in bets. Well, this implies in point spread betting as these numbers serve as median to grab the attention of players to spread bet in both the favorite and the underdog. The favorite which is also referred as the “chalk” in the betting dictionary is always associated with the minus sign (-) and the underdog is always seen with the (+) sign.

Without the symbols, the favorite has the advantage since these are usually strong teams like in soccer for example. However, with the symbols the match becomes nearly equal considering point spread betting. So, let’s say Minnesota Timberwolves is favored to defeat Oklahoma City Thunders with 3.5 points or more. If the score is 95-97, then the Timberwolves wins having the 1.5 deficit from +3.5.   Point spread involves the basic math of adding and subtracting numbers handicapped to the favorite and underdog.

Do you find this article useful? Apply what you learned. Proceed to real betting now!

What does -110 mean in Betting?

When you browse our odds in some of the popular betting directories on the internet, you will notice this symbol -100. How does it matter in bets? Well, this serves as payment or commission for the sportsbook for brokering a particular odds. In the betting glossary, this number is also known as the juice or vig. It often indicates that the bettor needs to risk a specific amount in order to win an amount equal to the risk amount or lower. There are scenarios where the sportsbook lessen the risk amount to entice players to place bet and getting the best value as possible. So let’s say you’ve seen this symbol (-103). That means you have to only risk $103 to win $100. Having said that, players can roam around the internet and go for “price shopping” in order to find the lowest risk amount as possible.

Take note of these terms:

Accumulator bet – a type of bet that involves more than 3 selections. The player should win all the selections in order to earn profit. Else, 1 loss bet results to zero profit at all.

Action – when the bet is considered as valid.

All in: a bet place regardless of the particular selection is played or not.

Arbitrage – a bet place in different odds regardless of favorite or underdog and guarantees a win.

Bookie – another term for sportsbook maker.

Cover betting – when the bookmaker is on credit for the bet.

Drift – also referred to as “on the drift” or when the outcome of odds gets longer.

Edge – when you have in favored or advantage

Grand – term used for £1000 bet.

Hang Cheng – when the winning is determined through part-goal handicaps.

Longshot – a bet selection that is far from winning.

Lock – a term used for guaranteed winner

Punter – another term for player

Push – a bet selection in a point spread bet factored in

Wiseguy – a successful bettor

There you have it. The simplest way you can understand everything about betting. For detailed guides on sports betting you can check out our betting guide section here. On the other hand, we also provide betting calculator just in case you find difficulty in computing your potential winnings.