Emma Raducanu Receives Crucial Advice for Potential Australian Open Return After Recent Hurdles

Emma Raducanu

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Emma Raducanu is contemplating a return, possibly at the Australian Open, and has received valuable guidance for her comeback.

Andy Roddick has shared key advice with Emma Raducanu as she plans her return to tennis after three surgeries. Initially expected to play in an exhibition event next month, Raducanu had to withdraw due to a recovery setback. While her comeback timing is uncertain, Roddick suggests she participate in a warm-up event rather than directly competing in the Australian Open.

Raducanu, the 2021 US Open champion, has been sidelined since May following surgeries on both wrists and one ankle. Though she hasn’t set a definitive return date, she expressed hopes of resuming play at the start of the 2024 season, hinting at an Australian comeback.

However, Raducanu recently withdrew from the MGM Macau Tennis Masters, scheduled for early December, due to wrist issues. This decision was a precaution to give the organizers time to find a replacement.

“It’s tough because we don’t know if it’s a recurrence of the same two injuries that she has or if it’s a fitness issue or maybe the training is going so well they don’t want to interrupt a really cohesive training block with a trip to Macau in December,” Roddick told Betway.

“That’s always an awkward time to play an exhibition event. I liked playing them right after the season ends or right before the season begins because it gives you more uninterrupted training. Maybe that’s just what she felt she needed. I’d be guessing at this point.”

As a result, Raducanu’s return to the tennis court is postponed until at least January. Former world No 1 Roddick advises her to enter a warm-up tournament before the Australian Open. Roddick isn’t overly worried about her skipping the Macau event but emphasizes the importance of a careful approach to her schedule. Since Raducanu isn’t part of Britain’s United Cup team, she’ll need to choose from 250 or 500-point events before the first major tournament of 2024.


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