Warren warns against underestimating Fury

Tyson Fury
Frank Warren, co-promoter of Tyson Fury, believes that Fury will overpower Oleksandr Usyk in their upcoming undisputed heavyweight title fight, despite Fury’s unexpected performance against Francis Ngannou in his last fight. The WBC heavyweight champion was knocked down by Ngannou in the third round of their bout in October, but managed to secure a split-decision win, which many fans regard as undeserved, maintaining his undefeated record.

Warren urges caution in drawing conclusions from the Ngannou fight, suggesting that it was Fury’s worst performance as a champion. He cites Fury’s resilience and ability to adapt in fights, referencing his 2015 victory over Wladimir Klitschko in Germany and his ability to outbox and outpunch Deontay Wilder in their trilogy.

Fury’s versatility is a key factor in his success, according to Warren. While Fury’s fight against Klitschko was a masterclass in technical boxing, his later fights saw him adopt a more aggressive style, particularly in the second bout with Wilder. Despite the shift, Fury has demonstrated both resilience and punching power, with many stoppages on his record.

Warren believes that Fury’s adaptability and intelligence will be crucial in his fight against Usyk. He suggests that Fury can “do Usyk at his own game,” using his boxing IQ and experience to outmaneuver the Ukrainian. The postponement of the fight from February to May due to a cut above Fury’s eye in sparring has only added to the suspense for this rare type of fight.

No doubt Ngannou flooring Fury did something to, not just his confidence, but his image as well. If someone with no boxing experience could knock him down without sustaining any injury, what would be his fate when he faces a two-division champion like Usyk?

The Ukrainian has been on a domination journey since he moved to the heavyweight division and Fury is the one hindrance he faces before being the new undisputed king of the division. By next weekend, all questions and doubts as regards the fight or the two men will be cleared.

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