Lebron aims to be the Greatest Of All Time

After winning his third NBA championship, LeBron James admitted something he had long been reluctant to acknowledge: He is actively aiming to supplant Michael Jordan as the greatest player in league history.To accomplish that goal, James must leave the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer. Otherwise, he’ll be giving up his best opportunity to win more titles and eventually overtake Jordan as the greatest of all time.Image result for lebron james

Until Games 3 and 4 of the Eastern Conference finals — both of which the Cavs won, handily, with the most recent being a 111-102 Game 4 win on Monday that wasn’t as close as that score would indicate, although the Celtics did hang around harder, and longer, than almost any other team would have given the way most of this game went.Whether their comeback effort falls short against Boston or they get smashed in the NBA Finals by the Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets, the fundamental flaws of this Cavaliers team will ultimately be its demise.

So now the series is tied 2-2.

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