Is VAR a good or bad idea?

The Video Assistant Referee has it’s good and bad days. The good days are when it favors your team and the bad or worst could be when your team loses at extra team because VAR says the opposing team deserves a penalty.

After years of calls for video technology to be implemented into football in order to help referees, we saw its first major rollout at last year’s Confederations Cup and is now being used in the Bundesliga and Serie A.

It was first used in England in November 2017 when the Three Lions faced Germany in a friendly, and then made its competitive debut on January 8 as Brighton & Hove Albion took on Crystal Palace in the FA Cup.

The recent victim of VAR is Portugal and it’s supporters as Iran were denied 2 possible penalties  they  were runners up in their group behind Spain who also benefited from VAR. Morocco was most disappointed after VAR denied them a clear chance against Spain by ruling out their last minute goal as offside and Pique’s handball.

Though most people are against it saying it has ruined the spirit and essence of the game and shouldn’t have been used this soon in the World Cup, it’s a decision most should get used to as it’s too late. Some saying VAR is only for big teams and players, the validity of this statement is debatable as some star players and teams  haven’t been penalized.



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