The only team who have never conceded a goal against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

The ‘Blancos’ still have an achievement to attain: score a goal against Arsenal.

The Gunners are the only European team Real Madrid have failed to score against in the prestigious continental competition.

Rather surprisingly, they have only faced each other twice before (last-sixteen round of the 2005/06 Champions League), the Spanish giants did not manage to beat Arsenal’s goalline in the first leg or the second.

After that tie, the teams have not crossed paths in the Champions League, leaving Real Madrid with that record to beat.

Only one member of the current squad was present when the Spaniards were knocked out by Wenger’s men: Sergio Ramos. Zidane, who was still playing back then, will also want to exact revenge on a weakened Arsenal side, though it will not happen next season…C

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