Top 10 biggest wage bills in Europe.

A study conducted by ‘Sportsmail’ has revealed the top 10 biggest wage bills

across European football, with five Premier League clubs making the list.

1. Paris Saint-Germain – £279m (Top earner: Neymar, £537,000-per-week after tax)

2. Barcelona – £264m (Top earner: Lionel Messi, £500,000-per-week)

3. Manchester United – £264m (Top earner: Paul Pogba, £290,000-per-week)

4. Chelsea – £250m (Top earner: Eden Hazard, £200,000-per-week)

5. Manchester City – £244m (Top earner: Sergio Aguero, £220,000-per-week)

6. Real Madrid – £240m (Top earner: Cristiano Ronaldo, £365,000-per-week after tax)

7. Bayern Munich – £235m (Top earner: Robert Lewandowski, £160,000-per-week)

8. Arsenal – £210m (Top earners: Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, £150,000-per-week)

9. Liverpool – £210m (Top earner: Philippe Coutinho, £200,000-per-week)

10. Juventus – £150m (Top earner: Gonzalo Higuain, £130,000-per-week)

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