Pierluigi Collina steps down as UEFA’s Chief Refereeing Officer.

Pierluigi Collina, 58, was appointed as UEFA’s first ever Chief Refereeing Officer in 2010, following his retirement as a referee in 2005.  In that time, he has achieved major advances in the professional handling of referees and overseen, among other important features, the establishment of the Centre of Refereeing Excellence (CORE).  During his tenure, UEFA has created 360 degree monitoring and development programmes for officials to improve their technical, fitness and nutrition standards and ensure that tactical elements and knowledge of teams became part of the referees’ preparation for every match.

UEFA has announced that Roberto Rosetti is to replace Pierluigi Collina as its Chief Refereeing Officer, after Collina announced his decision to step down for personal reasons at the UEFA summer refereeing course in Nyon.

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