Joy and pomp for Madrid as Liverpool cry trophyless.

Liverpool suffered a terrible defeat in the hands of the experienced Real Madrid in Kiev after losing 3-1, a brace from Bale and a single goal by Sadio Mane which equalized Benzema’s first. The first goal by Benzema was a predatory one as he took advantage of Karius mistake of throwing the ball and tapped it into the net sending his team mates into a frenzy. His first goal which had been disallowed as an offside goal.

Sergio Ramos the villain of his opponents and hero of Real Madrid tackled Salah leading him to being sent off the game early with a dislocated shoulder and Mane being fouled managed to control and instill fear in the game with his dirty footballing tricks.Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling

Karius who was responsible for two goals apologized to the club and its fans after an emotional defeat. He went on to Social Media to say, “Haven’t really slept until now,” he wrote the day after the match. “The scenes are still running through my head again and again.

“I’m infinitely sorry to my team-mates, for you fans, and for all the staff.

“I’d just like to turn back the time but that’s not possible. It’s even worse as we all felt that we could have beaten Real Madrid and we were in the game for a long time.

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