10 Women in Brazil Footballer Ronaldinho`s Life

Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho throughout his 20 year career, Ronaldinho lived the golden years of his career when he played for Barcelona.

His achievements range from winning the Ballon d’Or in 2005, the Golden Foot award in 2009, FIFA World Player of the Year in 2004 and 2005, and many more awards. However, his private partying life and dating numerous women has made his career drop below the radar.

Based on Tempo‘s observation, there are at least 10 women that were once in a relationship with Ronaldinho. Here is the list:

1. Janaina Nattielle Mendes

Ronaldinho married Janaina Nattielle in 2004 and had a son the following year, unfortunately, their marriage only lasted for two years and ended in 2007.

2. Alexandra Paressant

She is a French model and was said to be in a relationship with Ronaldinho in 2006. Several sources state that she distracted Ronaldinho during the 2006 World Cup.

3. Mariana de Melo

This Argentinian model had a close relationship with Ronaldinho in 2007. Reports say that she was the reason that Ronaldinho traveled back and forth from Spain to Argentina and caused him to miss several practice sessions.

4. Shayane Cesario

Cesario attracted the attention of Ronaldinho during the Rio de Janeiro carnival as a dancer. However, she denied the rumors that they were in a relationship.

5. Ximena Capriso

Ronaldinho was said to be in a serious relationship with the Argentinian TV presenter. Rumors say they planned to get married but the plan was canceled.

6. Maria Jose Lopez

This Chilean model was said to have an affair with Ronaldinho in 2009. Meanwhile, she was being in a relationship with West Ham United midfielder Luis Jimenez.

7. Sara Tommasi

Ronaldinho’s wild side in Italy took him on a love adventure with a porn star Sara Tommasi.

8. Vanessa Tasquetto

After breaking up with Tomassi in 2013, Ronaldinho was said to be in a relationship with Vanessa who is known to be a disc jockey from Brazil.

9. Jakelyne Oliviera

The 2013 Miss Brazil was once reported to be in a relationship with Ronaldinho which was sparked by a photo uploaded in March 2014 where Ronaldinho uploaded a photo of himself with Jakelyne.

10. Jelena Markovic

In 2015, Ronaldinho dived into a relationship with the 2009 Miss Serbia. But their relationship was highly believed to be a one night stand since both have never been seen together again.

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