Life Lessons Learnt from Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, a little boy from an unknown island in Portugal to the world’s most famous personality. From a pauper to a prince! From not even the best in his club to the best in the world! From just another footballer to an inspiration to millions, the story of Cristiano is compelling, heart wrenching and inciting.
Everyone can take something from his life and the following are the ones which make me love him unconditionally.

1. His desire and hunger to be the best – Right from the onset, he did not like losing. Ronaldo wanted to be the best at everything he did, be it table tennis, tennis, pool, table football, darts or athletics. He wanted to win no matter who the opponent was or what sport he was playingHe used to cry whenever his team lost. He could have easily resorted to being the second best player in the world when Messi was awarded the Ballon d’or 4 times in a row but did he? Have you ever seen him getting complacent? Even after scoring a hat trick he looks for a next goal!

2. Never Give Up –

“Life is not always easy.. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been born crying. Me, my sisters and my mother were crying. Even when I was on the plane, I thought of my family crying about me and I started to cry again. It was the most difficult time in my footballing career.

At a age when we will be happily lying on our mother’s laps, here was a kid battling his struggles single handedly. He wanted to quit, abandon his dream and go home but did he? He knew that his life is worthless without football and hence dint give up and toiled hard to reach the current position he’s in.
His never give up attitude is the reason for his second Ballon d’or, UEFA best player in Europe award and several other accolades.

3. Nothing beats hard work – Cristiano is not a god gifted player. But he is a self gifted player thanks to his enormous amount of arduous work! From a scrawny little kid, he has transformed himself into an injury immune beast (touchwood). He puts in more hours during training, practicing free kicks or lifting weights.

4. Taking hatred and disparagement in the stride –

“Your love makes me strong.. your hate makes me unstoppable.”

Ronaldo is one of the most hated players for god knows what reasons. But he has never let those affect him. Even when the FIFA president maligned him, he came back with the commander salute! As he says, he does his talking on the pitch to shut his haters. They spur him on, acting as the fuel to the CR7 fire.

I believe that the aforementioned qualities sets Cristiano Ronaldo apart from the other footballers and I am sure that he will be an inspiration for the future generations as well!

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