UFC 260 Preview: Miocic vs. Ngannuo 2

Stipe Miocic MMA

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UFC 260 is this Saturday, March 27, and the main card is the rematch of a fight that took place over three years ago. UFC Heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannuo would slug it out for a second time since their last meeting in January 2018 (UFC 220) where Miocic put on a wonderful performance to earn the unanimous decision of the judges (50-44, 50-44, 50-44). Now, many fights later, both fighters meet again there at the UFC Apex facility, Nevada.

Ngannuo has a professional record of 15 wins out of 18 matches, having won 4 out of his 5 last fights. Currently number 1 in the UFC heavyweight rankings, Ngannuo has floored some of the big names in his division, including Alistair Overeem and Anthony Hamilton. Two out of his three professional losses entered the final mark in the fifth round, which says something about his resilience. He is also the hardest puncher in his division.

Miocic has only suffered 3 losses in his professional career from 20 fights. His last defeat was in the hands of Daniel Cormier in July 2018 where he lost his heavyweight title but later regained it after defeating Cormier in August 2019. He then successfully defended the belt in his third meeting with Cormier in August 2020. Such resilience! Miocic has also defeated Overeem and some other big names as well. His 2018 fight with Ngannuo broke a record for the most successful title defense as it was his third.

A lot has changed since their last fight and it is not exactly easy to tell who has the upper hand now. Ngannuo has excelled in his recent fixtures, showing just how much of a force he is. As he challenges Miocic for the heavyweight title for a second time, it is clear that he would bring everything he has into the octagon. In their first fixture, he was able to do some damages, although Miocic was able to withstand some of the blows thrown at him. As for Miocic, defending his belt for a second time after regaining it is something he would take seriously. Ngannuo may not be as easy as Cormier but it is a challenge Miocic may be able to overcome.


Written by: Leon Osamor

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