Is Hamilton Done With Formula One?

Lewis Hamilton F1

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At age 36, Lewis Hamilton holds the record for most poles, and most race wins in Formula 1 history. He is also tied with Michael Schumacher for most World Championship titles. He has proved above, and beyond that, he is one of the best drivers to hit the race track. But is it time to retire yet?

The topic of Hamilton’s possible retirement has been trending for a while now, following his loss at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last season. The loss saw Hamilton, who was tied with Max Verstappen, lose out on winning the World Championship title. Hamilton had hoped to win the title for a record eighth time and cement himself as the greatest driver of all time. But luck had other plans. Since his loss, Hamilton has taken time off social media, and many people have interpreted this as a sign that the British driver could be done with the sport.

Bernie Ecclestone, the former chief executive of the Formula One Group, has revealed that he was on a call with Hamilton’s father and later said he does not believe that Hamilton would be making a comeback: “I don’t think he is coming back, I think he will not race next year. His disappointment in Abu Dhabi was too great, and I understand him. A couple of days ago I spoke with his father. I realised immediately that he did not want to talk about the future of his son, so we just talked about business.” As much as Ecclestone is an authority in the sport, his opinion on this matter is simply speculation.

Well, it seems Mercedes answered the question with a cryptic post on Instagram. They posted a picture of the seven-time World Champion with the caption, “Adversity causes some to break; others to break records.” This may mean that Hamilton is far from done is ready to push to break more records.

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