Everton Will Have a Brutal End of the Year

Carlo Ancelotti

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The Toffees are one of the teams that have surprised everyone in this Premier League with a performance that keeps them fighting for the table’s high places. But things could get complicated for the lads of Goodison Park in the last month of the year.VIn the next 34 days, they will have to play eight challenging games, including a crucial Carabao Cup quarter-final match.

Rivals awaiting them during December include Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester, Manchester United, and Manchester City. In addition to having to deal with a loaded schedule, boss Ancelotti will have to manage to cover the loss of Lucas Digne. Digne has been one of the most critical players in the current Toffees campaign.

The 27-year-old left-back has appeared in 8 of Everton’s nine games this season and has become a key player in Carlo Ancelotti’s scheme. During training, Digne suffered an ankle injury that kept him away from the courts for two months. The player will have to undergo surgery, and if everything goes well, he could rejoin the club at the end of January. Everything seems to indicate that Ancelotti will turn to the summer sign Niels Nkounkou to replace Digne.

20-year-old Nkounkou came to Everton in July this year from Marseille’s B team at the cost of €270,000. Nkounkou’s debut in the Premier League was at the beginning of November during the game against Newcastle. The outlook looks complicated for Everton in the last month of 2020.

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