Cadiz CF Enters the World of Esports

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Recently the Cadiz CF unveiled the creation of the Cadiz CF eSport Genuine. This project is a joint effort between the club, its foundation, and Top Player Academy.

The president of the club Manuel Vizcaíno, announced and presented the club’s first two digital athletes in a press conference held at the Ramon de Carranza stadium. “We are all cadistas, despite the different capacities that may exist and for this reason we welcome the two boys who are going to represent us in this sport and in this new project that is starting today.” Vizcaíno said.

Although the event was only attended by two athletes Adrián Martín and Alfonso Pavón, the project aims to incorporate fifteen players representing the Cadiz CF eSport Genuine in different competitions events.

During the presentation ceremony, Jose Mata, the Cádiz Club de Fútbol Foundation manager, also participated, who stated that this is a huge step for the club. “It is an important day for us because we present a new and pioneering project, which has a huge goal of integrated people and the club in the digital era.”

On behalf of Top Player Academy, the main ally of Cadiz FC to develop this project, was Raquel Lopez, coordinator of the academy. She declared that this project seeks to create new opportunities in the digital environment. “We intend to help people to have an important presence in the digital environment. We want to create job opportunities, educate in values and all with a digital background”. He added that “we are the first to create an esport team with these capabilities, we will soon compete with many others. I am more than sure of it.”

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