Tommy Fury Reveals He Would Have KO’d Jake Paul In One Round

Tommy Fury Boxing

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Tommy Fury, the brother of WBC Heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury has revealed that he would have stopped YouTuber Jake Paul in the first round had their fixture proceeded as planned. The two fighters were supposed to meet last weekend, but Tommy had to pull out due to a broken rib. Tyron Woodley stepped in his place and was knocked out in the sixth round, his second time losing a fight to Jake Paul within a space of five months.

Many people regarded Paul’s victory as phenomenal and showed that he was someone to reckon with, but Tommy was not impressed. Sitting down recently in an interview, he said, “If that was me in the ring on Saturday night, it wouldn’t have got out of the opening bell. Let’s have it right. Watch that first round and then watch the first round of me, my first fight back coming out of Love Island. Is he any better than that guy? No, he’s not.” He went on: “I’d have been smashing the jabs out there. He doesn’t move his head and then fold up with the right hand. He just wouldn’t have been there, because it was that bad. It was a bad, terrible fight.”

Just like his elder brother, Tommy knows how to talk. But he has quite an impressive career, with zero losses so far from seven fights. He fought three times this year alone and won all. There is no telling how his fight with Jake would have ended, as the other man also has no losses from five fights now.

But we might soon know who the better fighter between the two is as Tommy’s promoter, Frank Warren, said that a fixture between the two could take place in early 2022. Warren also claimed that a fit Tommy was a much tougher opponent compared to Tyron Woodley.

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