The Secrets Behind Stephen Curry’s Success

Stephen Curry Basketball

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“The BEST thing about me was my WORK ETHIC. I didn’t mind practicing and putting the extra work in. Nobody had to tell me to go work hard.” – Stephen Curry

Trainer Alan Stein first worked with Stephen Curry at the Kobe Bryant Nike Skills Academy. The top high school and college shooting guards in the country were at the camp, and he knew immediately that Steph was the most impressive all because of his work habits.

The Skills Academy had two workouts a day for three straight days and 30 minutes before each workout while most other players were still in their flip-flops, Curry had already started shooting and by the time the workout started, he had already made 100-150 shots and was in a full sweat.

Throughout the workout, he made sure that he did everything perfect, and if it wasn’t, he would do it over.


Steph also would never leave the gym after a workout without swishing five free-throws in a row. That’s the level of excellence that he holds himself to.

Success is not an accident. Success is actually a choice. Curry made the choice to create great habits. The habits he has today are on par with the dreams that he has for tomorrow. That’s something that he needed to ask himself every day because he knows that whatever you do on a regular basis today will determine where you will be tomorrow.

Reps on reps on reps every day and being in love with your craft gets you this:


Most 3-Point Field Goals Made in NBA History

Ray Allen: 2,973 in 1,300 games

Stephen Curry: 2,958 in 786 games


– Moving without the ball is an art

– Endless conditioning is a lethal weapon on the court

– Reps on reps on reps every single day

– Textbook form that looks the same every time

– Never let a slump shake you (keep shooting)

– Consistent pre-game routine every single time

– True love for the craft and being a pro

– Very cool, calm and collected assassins


Ray Allen and Stephen Curry have a lot in common outside of being the best shooters of their time.

If you work hard and love the game, you will always have a chance. Steph was a scrawny, clumsy athlete growing up according to his mom. But he loved the game, loved to work and he loved to compete.

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