Aston Martin’s right of review request struck out

Aston Martin

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FIA stewards, on Monday, dismissed Aston Martin’s right of review request after they denied the evidence being presented to them, saying it was not relevant to the case at hand. Aston Martin had asked for a right of review following the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel from the Hungarian Grand Prix. Vettel had finished the race in second place and all seemed fine until his disqualification was announced later in the evening. According to the FIA, Vettel was disqualified after an F1 delegate could not extract the mandatory 1.0 litre oil at the end of the race. The delegate only managed to get 0.3 litres.

Aston Martin filed their right of review request last week, claiming they had new evidence that showed that Vettel’s car had around 1.74 litres of oil at the end of the race and that a system failure had led to just 0.3 litres being extracted. But the FIA has held that the evidence, although a new element, does not help the case.

Part of an FIA statement on Monday evening read; “The technical regulations unequivocally call for a remaining amount of 1-litre and does not allow any exceptions. Therefore, for the assessment of whether or not the 1-litre requirement was broken, it does not make a difference why there was less than 1-litre. There may be a couple of explanations why at the end of a race the remaining amount is insufficient. In order to affirm a relevant fact, Aston Martin would have had to present facts that actually more than 1-litre of fuel was remaining. The explanation why this requirement could not be met is not relevant to the decision as to whether a breach of the regulations has occurred.”

Aston Martin has revealed that they were disappointed with the FIA’s decision, as they felt that the evidence they had was relevant. They added that they would consider appealing Vettel’s disqualification.

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