Mark Bowen: Swansea City’s Garry Monk “out of order”

Swansea City Boss Garry Monk

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Stoke City assistant manager Mark Bowen says that Swansea boss Garry Monk was “out of order” for calling Victor Moses a cheat after the game between the two sides at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday.

Following the Nigerian international going down with minimal contact to win a penalty for the home side, Monk said: “Moses should be done for diving, for cheating.”

But Bowen has fired back: “To call a player a cheat is totally out of order because there was contact there.

“Is Moses trying to make the best of a situation? Yes. Was it harsh on Swansea? Yes. Was the decision a poor one? Possibly yes.

“Was he a cheat? 100% not and for Garry to say that in his post-match press conference is bang out of order.

“My definition of cheating is if a player goes into the area and he’s not touched, if there’s no contact and he goes down he’s a cheat.”

The Football Association is likely to be considering whether to take any action over Monk’s comments about referee Michael Oliver.

Of the decision to award a penalty, Monk said: “It was an absolute disgusting decision from the referee. He is supposed to be a professional referee at the highest level.

“How he can’t see it is a blatant dive is beyond me.”

If the FA does decide to reprimand Monk he is likely to face a fine of between £8,000 and £10,000, with fellow managers Jose Mourinho, Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers all having been hit in the wallet for comments made about officials in the past year.

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