Ali Walsh, grandson of Muhammed Ali, Wins Professional Debut Fight

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Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of late legendary boxer, Muhammed Ali, won his debut professional fight with a first-round defeat over Jordan Weeks. The fight was over in just 70 seconds, truly one of the fastest fights in the Middleweight division. But if anyone was going to set that record, who better than the grandson of the Great Ali? Nico Ali is the son of Mohammed’s daughter Rasheeda.

The fight was promoted by Bob Arum, who first promoted Ali fifty-five years ago and went on to promote 27 fights, including the famed ‘The Thrilla in Manila’. With a stunning debut fight, it looks like Ali Walsh is on the path to dominate the boxing world like his grandfather did for decades. His first fight was phenomenal, ending before it could even start. With a series of quick blows to start things off, Ali Walsh sealed the fight with a hard right hand, barely one minute into the fight, knocking his opponent out, and following it with a series of punches.

On his waist was a pair of while Everlast shorts, given to him by Ali himself. That may have served as a sort of Talisman for the 21-year-old, who revealed that he was under a lot of pressure. Such feeling is not unusual among children or close relatives to successful sports stars. But Ali Walsh revealed that he does not buckle under such pressure, preferring to see Ali as just his grandfather. “To the crowd he is the greatest fighter who ever lived and maybe the greatest person. To me? He’s the greatest grandfather,” he said.

Ali Walsh may come from the bloodline of one of the greatest fighters to step on the ring but he is not leaving it all to his genes to do the work for him. He is being trained by Sugarhill Steward, who also trains WBC Heavyweight titleholder, Tyson Fury.

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