Zach LaVine targets Bulls step-up

Zach LaVine Bulls

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Zach LaVine wants the Chicago Bulls to take a step up the NBA ladder next season as he targets the stage on which to prove himself as a big-game player.

LaVine will enter his sixth year, aged just 24, with plenty of ambition. He finished 16th overall in the league in free throw attempts and fifth among NBA guards last season, despite fewer opportunities later in the season.

The former Minnesota player has endured his share of setback and injuries already, but he senses something positive building in Chicago. “I took a step last year, but I feel like that was a stepping stone for what I want to do and what I envision myself doing,” LaVine said.

“Everything comes with winning. I haven’t won since college and high school. I want to play in meaningful games. Every NBA game is meaningful, but you want to go to the playoffs and play where big plays are made. I consider myself someone who can make those big plays and I want to be able to go out and do that.”

The Bulls have snapped up Thaddeus Young, the veteran free agent who just happened to be the senior player who was helping develop him in his rookie season in Minnesota. Knowing the potential he has, Young wants the Bulls to focus on tapping into LaVine’s talents in the upcoming campaign and allowing him to flourish.

“We know he’s our guy and he’s going to be the guy going forward. The thing is to go out there and help him harness those skills and continue to help him get better as a leader, get better as a player and hopefully help him make the All-Star game,” he said.

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