Over/Under Betting Rules


Understanding Over/Under Bet on Soccer Betting

As the name over/under football betting implies, bettors will be given the chance to bet whether the game will produce a TOTAL goal count of over or under a pre-determined number.

An example of over and under betting, if Dafabet set that the total goal count for a match between United(manchester united betting) and Reds (Liverpool) as 2.0, bettors will have to bet whether the scoreline will finish over the set goal count or under it.

It does not matter which club win the game, but what matters is that a bettor correctly guess the range of the goal count.

Over/Under Bet Advantages

  • Comes with two possible outcomes
  • Different lines offered on the same betting market
  • Your bet can win even if the team you pick loses

Over/Under Bet Disadvantages

  • Not so profitable in the long run
  • High house edge

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