Half time/Full Time Soccer Betting Predictions & Analysis


Half Time Full Time Betting Predictions – Beginner and Advanced Strategies Explained

Just like in movies, soccer games always come with twisted endings. Sometimes, what is expected turned out to be different which definitely makes it hard to predict. Just imagine the stolen moments that will happen in a 90-minute match. A recovered player who decides to play after an injury, a red card given and the sudden change in the weather condition. Well, those are just some of the factors that made full time soccer betting a hard-to-solve puzzle. In contrary, we have another option called half time/full time betting predictions.

Logically speaking, HT/Full Time (Half time/Full time) betting prediction is much easier than just putting an all-in in a single soccer much. You will need a dozen of luck to do so. But here at HT/FT it’s all about predictions, useful tips and a few considerations. So, basically this is a game of two halves.

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Let’s learn the basics first

Half time/Full time strategy is pretty simple. The approach is picking a team that is capable of reversing the match after losing on halftime. You can review stats from the previous season then pick the team you think will perform at its best for this season. However, the most important tip here in HT/FT betting is to stick with the team you pick till the end. One good option Half time/Full time betting is the home team (could be the defending champion or the home team) and a stronger yet ambitious away team. In this way, the away team tends to score first in the first half. As most soccer fixed matches, the guess team will be the first one to impress the crowd. Just like what happen to West Ham and Chelsea last December 2012. Chelsea scores first before the halftime at 0:1 but West Ham managed to reverse the scene with three goals ahead.

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Stakes & Strategies

Half time/ Full time betting is also known as double bets since it involves the result in the Half time and scores when the match ended. Take note that you’ll only win HT/FT when you predict the halftime standing and the full time standing correctly. The good thing with this betting strategy is that it offers higher odds compared to traditional bets. Take a look at the example below. As you can see these are possible outcomes of a soccer match for 1×2 wager type.

ht-ft bettint strat

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As practical option, you can choose realistic outcomes that could happen. So, let’s say you choose 2/1, where Chelsea leads during the half time yet Liverpool wins at the end of the match, 1/1 where Liverpool leads during half time and Liverpool wins at the end of the match and x/x where two teams will draw during half-time and as the match ended. Observe that the outcomes are always in favor of the home team. That means, there is a huge potential of choosing Liverpool as the team that can reverse scenarios. The only problem with this is when you miss to pick the correct outcome since sometimes the reversal in the match doesn’t happen quite often. In this case, a “Yankee” and “Canadian” bet could be the best options.


Good thing with Half time/ Full time betting strategy is that you can do combinations of bets such as draw, home to win or away to win. However, take note that this type of strategy needs patience. At first, your wager increases as well as your losses. Take a look at the example below. The round started at $1 then go all the way to $15 as total spending. However, during the reversal round, the odds goes up to 19.00 whereas, the possible winnings is $288 -$15 which is the spending. Therefore, the possible profit is $273 which is definitely not bad.

In Half time/ Full time betting prediction, majority of bettors choose the favourites especially when securing their stakes. However, as mentioned earlier, the greater value can be found in the underdog market since it offers higher odds and of course winnings. It should be noted though that the turnaround might not be possible.


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In conclusion, the best tactic anyone can apply to secure bets on Half time/Full time is to cover the possible choices. But, of course the question that remains in your mind. Are you willing to spend much bets while risking your return? If your answer is yes, then Haftime/ Full time betting is a good option.

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