What is Formula One – F1 Basics

Formula 1 Basics

Before delving into the question how to play F1, it is important to find out the answer to the question what is F1 and the most significant part, F1 basics.


What is Formula One racing?

In a sport where motorized vehicles are king, Formula One racing or simply referred to as F1 is the most prestigious single-seater auto racing.

Sanctioned by Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Formula One is the place where the top drivers from across the world try their luck to be the world’s best.

Guided by a specific set of rules, teams known as constructors design and modify a vehicle to its optimum performance.

You can learn how to play F1 through the detailed explanation found in the following section.

Before a race, known as a Grand Prix, teams and drivers go through different phases to determine their specific place in the final grid.

First are the practice sessions which help give the team build a specific strategy for the race itself. It is here where they know which turns can be for overtaking, and what stretches can be used by relatively faster cars.

Next is the qualifying phase where cars try to post quickest lap times in order to get ahead of the whole group in the grid. Naturally, the fastest racer in the qualifying stages gets pole position – with a clear road ahead he has the best chance of finishing the race a winner.

Finally, when all the drivers have their respective places on the grid, the race proper begins. Normally done on a weekend, all the drivers race for a specific length in different locations and gain points according to the position they finish. This concludes the answer to how to play F1.

To add to the F1 basics information given in the first part, In Formula One (F1), the top 10 finishers get points. The top three racers finish in podium positions, with each getting a respective trophy and the bragging rights that go along with it.

These points get tallied throughout the season. And at the end of the campaign, the racer with the most points gets crowned with the Driver’s Championship.

Of course, the team who garners the most points combined (from their respective drivers), gets a Constructor’s Championship as well.


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