What is Cycling – Cycling Basics

Cycling Basics

What is cycling?

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To start with this, one should answer first the inquiry “What is cycling?” Cycling is a competitive sport where racers use a specific set of bicycles to complete a course, cycling may be categorised into different types.

The races are road cycling, track cycling, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, BMX and bike trials.

However, the most popular is road bicycle racing. It may be an individual or team competition, while the race proper is done in various methods.

Some races only last a single day, while there are others that require multiple stages to complete – the most popular cycling event is the Tour de France, which takes days to complete.

Among all of the road races, the Grand Tour is considered the most prestigious of all. Comprising of three major European professional cycling stages, namely Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España.

As seen from its name, the Tour de France is a race held in France, normally started in July. It goes through several different stages and even makes its way through neighboring countries. One of the most well-known facts about the Tour de France is the yellow jersey, given to the current race leader who recorded the fastest time in the segments.

Italy’s version is known as Giro d’Italia. In a race that starts from May to June, it is held for 23 days – separated into different segments – with two rest days for the racers. As a counterpart to the yellow jersey, the Giro d’Italia has the red jersey.

Finally, held in September is the Vuelta a España. Similar to the other two races, it is an extended race, more than three weeks long and is a race that goes through nearby countries. Their race leader is given the pink jersey as distinction.

The most important factor in completely identifying the Cycling Basics is knowing its objective. Ultimately, the racer with the lowest combined time through all the days is declared the winner.