Asian Handicap Soccer Betting


Betting in Asian Handicap, you have a 50% better chance of winning than with traditional betting odds.

Asian Handicap Betting especially when betting on soccer is favourable for those who like equal chances. This is because Asian Handicap soccer betting is used to level the playing field between teams. Usually, stronger teams receive a handicap against them, giving inferior opponents a higher chance to win the scoreline.

As example; In a match between 2013 Champions League winner Bayern München (Bayern Munich Betting) and 2013 Europa League finalists – The Blues (Chelsea Betting), the former will receive a 1.0 handicap betting, meaning their final score will be reduced by 1.0 and will need to win by more than one goal so bettors can win the bet.

If Munich won 1-0, bettors who wagered for them will lose their money because Munich’s score was subtracted by the handicap.

Generally, stronger teams receive the handicap but there are many factors in football that dictate “strength and superiority”, like an absence of a player, a manager, playing at home or fighting with a purpose.

Asian Handicap Advantages

  • Elimination of a draw result increases odd of winning.
  • When used in an accumulator there are less possible outcomes which increases the chance of winning.
  • Depending on the handicap, you might still win if the team you bet on loses the game.

Asian Handicap Disadvantages

  • Asian handicaps are hard to understand at first.
  • Fixed odds provide better odds for underdogs compared to Asian handicaps.


Other Soccer Betting Tips


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