Correct Score Betting – Soccer Predictions & Principles


What’s In It That Can Predict the Outcome of a Football Match?

Let’s face it. Soccer like any other sports is truly full of surprises. However, every momentum comprises lucky and unlucky breaks. If you are new to sports betting, you’ll surely find it hard to bet for a correct score in a football match. How in this world could a team scores 1 goal before the 45 minute mark. The worst case would be a draw t 0-0 which implies on league matches. Good thing is that science has this correct score prediction formula and it’s very gratifying that people are profiting from it.

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When you Google for any correct score formula, you’ll stumble upon thousands of resources that more often than not results to confusion. Luckily we have experts here at Dafabet to provide the almost basic analysis and predictions for soccer matches. If you think it’s difficult, it’s really simple. All you need is to follow these principles to definitely have an idea of how you can up strike with your bets in the future.

Statistics can help but just don’t rely on it too much

Although year on year statistics have been recorded, the correct score prediction analysis is not always accurate and might completely turned out the game into the unexpected one. In this case, you can use other factors plus your soccer predictions knowledge such as the average scores a team made when they are home, when they are way or when there are possible injured key players returning to contribute goals.

Other Soccer Betting Tips

Pick the most possible outcomes

Compared to easy-scoring sports like basketball, soccer prediction is different since majority of matches ended in absolutely low scores. In fact, 8% of the matches ended up with 0-0 and that means 1 out of 12 matches may result to the given scenario. On the other hand, the most common average goal on soccer matches was recorded at 2.60 and there’s always the probability of having 1.30 goals per team. The most common correct scores recorded were 1:1, 1:0, 0, 1 1:2, 3:2, 2:3, 0:2 and 2:0.

correct score betting common scores

Give the Home team a favor against the away team

Basing from the stats, when the home team scores first they have 75% chance of winning the match. On the other hand if the away team scores first, they only have 60% chance of winning. So, for example the home team scores first, it’s either the score goes 1:1 or could take them to 2-0 lead. When the game goes beyond the norms, it doesn’t always mean the strong teams would produce more. In fact there’s only an average of 3goals during those soccer matches. The problem is that sports betting odds for favs are a bit lower. Hence, chances to get double or triple of your stake is lesser.

Consider the relative strength and defense

The easiest way to get correct score prediction is to consider the relative strength and defense based on total goals particular team/teams played as Home and Away. As you can see on the image below, the stats gives you the idea of what are going to be the possible scores for specific matches. The problem here is most likely to occur when the final score is draw. More often than not, it is not included in your soccer predictions. That is why it is important to find other alternatives such as 1X2 betting where you have the draw as an option. During leagues there is a possibility to see draw at about 1 in every 12 matches but you only have 1 in 100 chance to predict the correct score. With 1X2, you’ll have 60% chance to win the bet for selections like home draw or away draw.

Correct score defense and strength

Be a scalping ninja

In the correct score market, there’s this methodology used called scalping. Although it’s quite risky, the in-play scenario will give you the advantage since the prices tend to increase match after match. The number 1 tip when using this technique is to pick the best correct score markets as possible. Let’s say you’ve tried one then you have the current scores like 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5. Then, a goal comes for the fav. At least, you can save some of your stake from all out loss. On the other hand, if the underdog scores, it is your advantage since you’ll have the chance to get more profit. The chart below serves as your guide and will give you the idea what’s a good deal or not.

correct score scalping

Consider non-stat related factors

It’s quite funny to consider other factors in sports such as the weather, and wind is the biggest X-factor. Like other ball games, soccer games all involve moving relativity-light balls especially the kicks from longer distances. Therefore, gusty winds regardless of their direction will slow down the team’s offense which will definitely result to low scoring. On the other hand, there is this process of elimination especially in semis and finals. Let’s say Arsenal has to win or they’ll get eliminated. This context definitely pushes the key players to move and score goals and might turned out the scoring to be different.

There is no proven correct score prediction formula. It fails from time to time. However, with constant practice and implementation of scientifically explained methods, you are going to get more correct scores than you win. The most important thing is instinct. Never doubt on it. In case, English is not your native tough you can check out local versions of Dafabet website here.

Betting on premier league games each week, it is difficult to get more than two or three correct, and one or none are more common. But because two out of ten is sufficient to yield a profit at odds of 7/1 or higher, it can be a rewarding approach to betting.

Correct Score Bet Advantages

  • Extremely long betting odds
  • Low-scoring match are good for correct score

Correct Score Bet Disadvantages

  • Very slim chances of winning
  • Every goalless draw results in lost bet


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